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Saturday, June 28
Communities Networking Fair (Formerly SIGIVC Open House)
Educating for peace and understanding through global connections
Explore world issues through international student video conferences

Global Nomads Group: Building digital age skills through virtual exchange

Interactive international virtual field trips via 3D apps and Skype in the Classroom

The Middle East in transition: Understanding revolution in real time
Sunday, June 29
No worry video communications: Connecting and collaborating with video and the ISTE Interactive Video Conferencing Network
Skype in the Classroom
Visual global collaboration: How it changes the way we teach (WBM313)
Birds of a Feather
Monday, June 30
Snapshot 1 of 2: BYOD interactive videoconferencing

Snapshot 2 of 2: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's project-based learning initiatives
Snapshot 1 of 2: Virtual learning with the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Snapshot 2 of 2: New horizons in school and community outreach with interactive videoconferencing
ISTE Interactive Video Conferencing Network: BYOV — Connecting students globally with video everywhere
Tuesday, July 1
Interactive Videoconference Playground
K-12 videoconference successes: Course exchanges, VFTs and staying connected